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General Entertainment & Management: Website/Social Nets

Websites Vs Social Networks

DESTINATION --> WEBSITE!!! Your website is the center of your online universe. Use all your resources to direct folks to your website.  Your website is where you have complete control.   

Your website should be a living, organic, interactive fan magazine for your actual and potential fans. 

This is where your fans can listen to and purchase your tunes, join your email list, look at your gig calendar, keep abreast of all you activities, and communicate with you and other fans via guestbook or blog.  They can do some of these things on your social media sites, but your website should not have invasive ads (some "free" websites do have ads), log-in requirements, and slow load times thereby avoiding all the things that would cause your fans to leave your website.  With your website, your fans and visitors have got it all, in one place, with maximum convenience. 

View your website as a compilation of every Facebook post, MySpace Bulletin, Twitter tweet, and YouTube video. Use lots of exclusive content and update often. Good fresh content is an incentive for fans to visit your site.  Again, they've got it all in one place, with maximum convenience.  Eliminate the distractions and confusion.  Keep it simple. 

What’s that you say? No website? Then get one! Contact General Entertainment & Management. They can handle that for you! 

DOCUMENT EVERYTHING Be imaginative.  Be creative.  Go with what you’ve got.  Don't try too hard.  Don't get too fancy.  Don't reach too far.  Use what is at hand.  Don't suffer from "paralysis of analysis."  Video tape your practices, your gigs, your studio work.  Also get still photos of everything.  Always be shooting – video and stills.  Pick out the good stuff and use it.  Keep some in reserve to be able to "change out" the photos and videos to keep your site fresh, organic, and pulsing with life.  Put some on your social networks.  Your website should have everything that is on your social nets, plus more.  Remember, "DESTINATION --> WEBSITE!!!  It doesn’t have to be polished or perfect - it is an inside view you are providing.  If it’s too polished, it won't feel like an "inside view."  It won't feel personal.  It should be something like a reality show. 

Favorable comments, unfavorable comments, it doesn't matter.  The point is they are commenting.  Then, you have action, activity, a living and organic website.  This will indicate people are viewing your site.  There is an old saying in show-business, "There is no such thing as bad publicity."  Although this is not absolutely true (nothing is) it does have a lot of truth to it. 

CONTENT, CONTENT, CONTENT - LOTS OF CONTENT! Social networking is continuous interaction.  You have to keep the conversation and interaction going.  People have to be interested.  This means constantly refreshing your content.  

All resources are limited.  Time and money are certainly resources.  Content does not have to be polished and well produced.  Although it would be ideal, not all content needs to be related directly to you.  Share with your fans – your thoughts, music, visions, interests, etc.  There is nothing wrong with mixing original content with content from other sources. However, maintain the attitude that outside sources are just “fill.”  But, use fill as needed to avoid “dead air” as they say in radio.

Remember; avoid “fill” if you can, use “fill” if you must. 

TRULY INTERACT  Don’t fail to truly “connect” with your visitors and fans.  Make friends and be a friend.  You will find it is much easer and effective to “friend” folks with similar tastes, goals, etc.  Be truly interactive.  Ask them questions.  Be a good listener.  Be honest.  Not everything has to be about you or your music. These are old techniques, and they work.  It is ideal when they ask you about your activities.  When you are able to tell them about you and your music in response to them asking, that is when it will have maximum impact!

Always keep it fun!

WHEN IT COMES TO NUMBERS, FIGURES LIE AND LIARS FIGURE Thousands of friends or followers on social networks doesn't necessarily mean a thing.  Don't kid yourself.  How many are really fans and not just a number? Do they attend your shows?  Do they buy your music or other products?  Do they contribute to your web or social media sites?    

Activity does not necessarily mean productivity.

Think in terms of "maximum impact."  Is what you are doing simply keeping you busy, or is it truly making a difference?  What is its impact?  What will it produce?  What are the likely results? How is what you are doing getting you closer to your goal?

The process is the goal.  Yes, you must have goals.  But you must also have a plan as to how to achieve your goals.  You can't get to third base without first crossing first base and second base.  Don't be in such a rush that you miss the basses along the way because you will be called out!  Plan your work, and work your plan. 

GIVE AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE Offer free merchandise (mp3, CD, tickets to a show, autographed photo, invitation back stage, bumper sticker, T-shirt, etc.) in exchange for signing up on your mailing list.  Have an on line contest of some sort to generate involvement, activity and interest.     

EMAIL Vs SOCIAL NETWORKS Nothing is the equal of email.  It is the most personal, immediate, intimate, and powerful method of communication.  If someone gives you their email address it should be treated as a very special, possibly sacred, privilege.  

Social networking should guide folks to your website to sign up on your fan list, make entries in your guestbook and/or blog.  Get folks to sign up at your gigs.  Utilizing a mass email service such as that provided by General Entertainment & Management is an essential way to manage your email lists.  Avoid spam blockers.  Don't be a spammer yourself with too many emails.     

Put you website address on everything!  Display it at shows!  Announce it at shows!  Put it on all your social media!